Honest Poster

140413_honest-Plakat_final_900I printed 200 posters of this promo for my lastest short film. The festival premiere will be this Friday at the International Animation Festival Stuttgart I will attend the screening and mock about the festival some. Come by if you wanna grab a poster or grab me.

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achtung nazivergleich


Ich muss unseren rollenden Schwarzgeldkoffervergesser mal in Schutz nehmen. Ukrainer, Sudeten, Adolf, Vladimir, Pepsi, Coke. Was ist der Deal yo?


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Bagger to the likt


Nur falls Ihr ‘s bildlich wollt, ich mein’, ich frag’ ja nur mal, wenn ja, hab’ ich mehr gute Ratschläge als Bodenturner,


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gif time

Some more gifs from “I am glad we can be honest about this“.









This is a bonus thing I did during production.


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new short film online


My new short “I am glad we can be honest about this”  just went live and you can watch it on channel4′s random acts site. I like to call it a six minute murder mystery family drama and I hope there is something for you in there.

And a warning from Channel 4 :)



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Teaser: I am glad we can be honest about this

(watch in hd on vimeo)

My new short film has been accepted to Stuttgart International Animation festival. In the near future, it will be release online exclusively for three months on Channel 4′s random acts page (which is a gold mine of brilliant short films). I will write more once the film has been released but for now I want to thank Irresistible in Londom who co-produced with my company and of course the good folks at Channel 4 who approved and funded my film. Their courage and lust for experiment just has no equal in Germania.
I tried some new things with this film and I think it’s my most interesting try yet. Let’s see.

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Jugaad & things I learned in India

blessing-to-goDownload the PDF Jugaad & Things I learned in India

In late 2012 I went to India on a DAAD scholarship to research at the NID Campus in Bangalore on the subject of Design Thinking. Some people might have read some things on the tumblr my wife and I set up back then.

As part of my research documentation I made a comic that focuses on the theme of Jugaad. Jugaad is the Indian way of life hacking. It is a very interesting subject, not least because of my love for a boy and his  mecha friend made from junk. India wasn’t exactly eat pray love for me, but very exciting and inspiring and I think I found one or two interesting things about Design Thinking, Jugaad and India. The comic is more a collection of impressions and a sketchbook than one consistent story. I would like to do more work in that direction but for now the PDF is my work in progress. Please let me know what you think and maybe share it with Indian friends and design friends. This is not a scientific research paper of course so take it with a grain of salt, eh, curry.

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My submittion to the wonderful pictoplasma character selfie project. A selfie is a self portrait taken with a digital camera for social media site.



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SDP, Bunte Rapublik Deutschpunk, and me


Artwork by me and Steve Bagatzki, whom I hired to render the picture in this painterly style.

If you follow me for a while you know that I have been making music videos and artwork for my friends Vincent and Dag from SDP since grade 12 of high school – more than 12 years now. Hast du mal ein Problem was my first animation project and an internet hit before there was youtube and “Anfang anzufangen” even got me some invitations to film festivals and a couple of awards.

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