take a look at yourself man!


I’m Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change
His Ways

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Rock on




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girl_walkThese shoes are made for walking.


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You guys have a great weekend!


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Doom gelaufen

Du bist so Doom

Du quatscht den ganzen Tag nur Quake mit den Kollegen während du bei Unreal am Käse Counter Stullen strikest. Dann kriegst du voll die Half-Life Crysis, weil der Duke auftaucht und ohne auch nur „Halo“ zu sagen in die Bioshockabteilung geht. Du rufst ihm zu: „ Jetzt ist ja mal langsam geNuke, ähm, hättest ich dir nicht damals in der Metro holfen, hättest du dir voll den Wolfenstein gelaufen.“

„Half-life dein Maul“, erwidert der Schuft „Ich hab’ gerade nen Call of Duty, Farcry mir bitte meine schlechte Laune.“ Der ist immer so Fallout, trotzdem kullert dir eine Träne aus dem Golden Eye, Wie heißt es in dem Lied schon: „love is a Battlefield, feel Free to Play“, und „das Life ein Egoshooter.“

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B is for…


b-is-for_700—#Inktober finished illu soon to come.


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The art of losing

In our profession, more things get thrown away than actually get made. The process can be heart breaking and the reasoning obscure to the designer / illustrator / pixel pushing minion. On my own projects, I often lose interest or stop believing in ideas. That is something I should work on, maybe. However, this blog is like a Willy Wonker chocolate factory of dreams where even failures are celebrated, but instead chocolate you get kale, because we’re not here to have fun.

Trolli Pitch Ever since I made One minute Puberty, we try to get to do some slick complex 2D morphing animation for clients but it never worked  out so far. This would have looked rad animated. Maybe Haribo is interested?






Audi Another 2D animation pitch. I didn’t think we had a big chance with this pitch for a big car manufacturer and I was right. I couldn’t spend tons of time on this but I guess a bigger investment wouldn’t have made a difference.

audi_visaPitch_frame_01 audi_visaPitch_frame_02

Bug This is actually from a job I am working on right now but this whole scene got thrown out so there you go!


kaefer_warmup_01 kaefer_sketch_03 kaefer_sketch_02 kaefer_sketch_01

Hoppe und Ric This was actually the biggest pitch I ever did. I usually don’t do pitches for free but here we could have broken into new territory (Edutainment TV Series) so I gave it a shot. This was for a TV show for a private station in Germany and potentially the project that feeds us longer than one or two months. We made an intro and three animated sequences. Again, a lot of work for making the experience but no dollars, baby.


Mystery project  Roland made a little short story a while back and I make this test for it. Maybe we finish it someday or give it to an intern to finish. Would be a cute thing.


Mercedes One more try to make a 2D drawn animation for a big car manufacturer. It actually came close to green lighting and I forgot why it didn’t work out. I don’t even remember what it was for really. But I am sure it was very important. styleframe_01_schwarzweiss

I don’t really have advice to how to cope with defeat. I got used to it. Like a soccer team. You know, one game you win, the next you lose 1:7, life goes on. I love Studio AKA and once watched a presentation where I think Philip Hunt said they win 2 out of 10 pitches. Their losing rate is 80 per cent? Who beats them? Miyaski Möbius O’Reilly FX? I think I heard that “Wonderful world of Gumball” is the product of all the declined pitches a director of AKA did. So sometimes, losing can become winning.

In the freelance world, it is quite easy. You do something,, client wants it or doesn’t. No hard feelings. If I lose too often I have to do something else for a living. No biggy.

When I do my own stuff, it’s more complicated. The Angst, the constant uncertainty, the rejections, the other people who I hate have more success shit . The not knowing what is good. The having run my mouth for so long that I now have to deliver something awesome shit. All part of an artist’s life. My dad once said this to me, I forget what context:

” If it was easy, everybody would do it.”

This often helps me when I am lying awake at night thinking about how much I suck at this stuff, I don’t know if it is because it makes sense or I just like the way my Dad would say it. My parents never had the easy life I life every day. Just thinking about where they come from, where I am from helps me alot. Drawing silly pictures all day! Maybe someday Mr, Michael Jackson Pollock Kubrick Stanley Cub will come around, pad me on the back and say that I did good. Most likely he won’t. Relax.

Wow, this blog post is already too long and I gotta go to bed. More adventures next time! And remember kids: it’s not important how often you fall down, as long as you always land on a squishy Umpa Lumpa.

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Love is…


domina_gifPsst! Working on a music video again. t’s fun.

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solution man

There is always a way! Somewhat inspired by the much better and much sicker Joan Cornellá

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