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Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews

I am a big fan of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews on the BBC. This weekly radio show /podcast is not really a secret as it enjoys a big international fanbase – but many of my friends don’t know about it, which is a good indicator that I should mention it here. Film Critic and horror connaisseur Kermode and host Simon Mayo are a high contrast duo that resembles an old cupple at times. Simon’s layed back attitude ballances the often heart felt and passionate review style of Kermode – the term “Kermodian Rant” being a standing idiom for his trademark litanies on films that fail to  comply to his quality standards. I respect Kermode for his passion about movies and the culture he is a part of. He will defend a film he loves just as hard as he’ll condemn a stinker. Often I can’t follow his arguments an his personal taste does not fit mine at times – but he really is a critic with all his hard, not a wannabe film maker with a grudge, and he enriches the culture a great deal for me.

Mark Kermode, Simon Mayo, Steven Fry, David Morrissey

I don’t let critics judge films for me and only look at sites like rotten tomatoes if I am really uncertain if I want to spend time on a movie. So I enjoy this show as a mean to stay informed and for pure entertaining value. Their verbal exchanges are a treat, they often have really interesting guests over and read emails from the listeners. Kermode also has his own, very entertaining videoblog called Kermode Uncut, which gives you a good impression as the BBC podcast only the features current show of the week. They also do this thing called twitter.

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3D and me and smart talk

I am someone who likes to draw alot, fancy myself a decent draftsman even, and I am a rather impatient person – learning 3D-Software can be a hardship. Still, I grew to love the technology and even though my drawing and story telling skills need further developement, I kind of always wanted to learn 3D. Not because there is this  supposedly huge market for 3D-artist. It is more a matter of princible for me and how I see myself as a professional film maker. Just as I don’t want to let weak drawing and design skills border my capabilites to express myself in comic or illustration – I don’t want to be stuck on doing 2D animation when my ideas would need real 3D work. I feel, I have to know all the tools before I can make a good decision which to apply to a certain task. #

Also, owning so expensive hard and software kind of makes me feel all pro and shit. :)

I found out that I learn best when I have a project that I can apply my new skills to and that is the motivation that drives the learning experience – when you have fun you don’t realise that you are working. Recently, I made the mistake to take on a project that was too big and needed too much technical knowledge in too many areas. Hence, I got sidetracked and found myself fighting too many battles, ultimately failing. There is a reason that animation one-man-bands like Bill Plympton or young Jedi David O’Reilly are successful. Keeping it simple and and not spreading oneself too thin on a project is as important as dilligence and good ideas. I learned this the hard way again. :-)

I also found out that I am not particulary stupid. A friend of mine is working on his gratuation film with a partner and they decided to do the film completely in Maya. It took them about a year to set up the technique, modelling, rigiging, lighting, rendering before they animated a single scene. If you start out, start out small and build up one by one.

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Dendemann – Stumpf ist Trumpf 3.0

Laru – doppel Eazy – O, immer volles Risiko,

ist mördergut drauf, hat Wörter zu hauf -

also hört er nicht auf, genieß die Show.

Der mit Abstand beste MC der Republik, Dendemann, hat ein super Video mit dem Supernamen “Stumpf ist Trumpf 3.0″ rausgebracht. Ich freu ma n Ast ab.  Neues Album “Vom Vintage verweht” kommt am 09.04.2010 in die Shops und Shoperetten. Kaufen. Jaja, ich weiß, Savas und KIZ sind auch ganz toll, aber Dendelisson is on a Mission.

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Pixel Characters

I made some pixel art characters in my spare time about two month ago. Even though I am more a pen and paper (and wacom) kind of guy, this pixel work, which is a task actually closer to building stuff with legos than to drawing, can be pretty fun.

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Pictoplasma Festival 2010

If you know me, you know that I am a big fan of the pictoplasma events. They are not only about my favorite subjects like characters, animation and playful design but also amongst the most pleasant, friendliest and well organised fairs you can attend. Dany and I already got our tickets, and you can come, too. Get tickets here. I am already looking forward to a weekend of watching movies, lectures, meeting people and getting inspired.

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Popcorn Movie

I am just trying out the video embedding functions. This Vimeo video has been embedded with the Smart Video Plugin. I recommend it.

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My new blog

I started a new blog. Other people go out and drink a beer for fun, I do this. It is wordpress and fresh and on my own server. It feels good. Please discard my old blog and subscribe to this one.

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