Monthly Archives: March 2010

Dendemann – Stumpf ist Trumpf 3.0

Laru – doppel Eazy – O, immer volles Risiko,

ist mördergut drauf, hat Wörter zu hauf –

also hört er nicht auf, genieß die Show.

Der mit Abstand beste MC der Republik, Dendemann, hat ein super Video mit dem Supernamen “Stumpf ist Trumpf 3.0″ rausgebracht. Ich freu ma n Ast ab.  Neues Album “Vom Vintage verweht” kommt am 09.04.2010 in die Shops und Shoperetten. Kaufen. Jaja, ich weiß, Savas und KIZ sind auch ganz toll, aber Dendelisson is on a Mission.

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Pixel Characters

I made some pixel art characters in my spare time about two month ago. Even though I am more a pen and paper (and wacom) kind of guy, this pixel work, which is a task actually closer to building stuff with legos than to drawing, can be pretty fun.

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Pictoplasma Festival 2010

If you know me, you know that I am a big fan of the pictoplasma events. They are not only about my favorite subjects like characters, animation and playful design but also amongst the most pleasant, friendliest and well organised fairs you can attend. Dany and I already got our tickets, and you can come, too. Get tickets here. I am already looking forward to a weekend of watching movies, lectures, meeting people and getting inspired.

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Popcorn Movie

I am just trying out the video embedding functions. This Vimeo video has been embedded with the Smart Video Plugin. I recommend it.

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My new blog

I started a new blog. Other people go out and drink a beer for fun, I do this. It is wordpress and fresh and on my own server. It feels good. Please discard my old blog and subscribe to this one.

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