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Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

This blog is running the risk of becoming yet another faceless video-linking site. I know, but this is too awesome and I had to share!

(via thinking animation again)

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Julian Smith at this year’s Typo Berlin conference

My girl friend made me aware that Julian Smith is going to be at this year’s typo berlin conference. While I can’t attend the conference due to my never decreasing work load and general disgust for people that can’t draw, I still checked out some of his videos.  I have to say, I love this dude who kind of looks like a cross of Aston Cutcher and Jack Black. Inventative little skits, dark, silly and uplifting in a weird way. The malk one above was one of my favorites.  Julian, hope you rock the berlin crowd as you rocked my lonely sunday work breaks.

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Darth Jobs

This guy was always way too handsome and awesome for a nerd and I never trusted him to begin with. After censoring everything that is fun, now he exposed his plans to destroy Adobe, stormtroopered a journalist from gizmondo and probably will facefuck everything that stands between him and a uniform, beautyfully designed world with glossy buttons and half eaten fruits. You know, there was somebody else one time with strong charisma, a keen sense for design and a fanatic following. And look what he brought us.

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My first collabo with Regina, the funnist Autrice de BD in the world.

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Wacom and Photoshop

Yesterday, Regina, Simon, Stehphan, Christian and I were sitting in a bar in Kreuzberg. One of the subjects was that Manga Studio is the only program that allows you to “ink” well on a computer while all the major software apps suck major balls in this department. Christian came up with a sentence that lead to this cartoon. I missed the free comic book day by a day but this is supposed to be a part of it. :)

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Funky N

Don’t funk with my funk, man. Computer didn’t do what I wanted him to do but instead made his own suggestions. Don’t say I don’t listen.

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Flame on

A little flamer dude from today’s work. It’s not really meant to loop smoothly but there you go.

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