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one picture after the other

solution man

There is always a way! Somewhat inspired by the much better and much sicker Joan Cornellá

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achtung nazivergleich


Ich muss unseren rollenden Schwarzgeldkoffervergesser mal in Schutz nehmen. Ukrainer, Sudeten, Adolf, Vladimir, Pepsi, Coke. Was ist der Deal yo?


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Bagger to the likt


Nur falls Ihr ‘s bildlich wollt, ich mein’, ich frag’ ja nur mal, wenn ja, hab’ ich mehr gute Ratschläge als Bodenturner,


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Jugaad & things I learned in India

blessing-to-goDownload the PDF Jugaad & Things I learned in India

In late 2012 I went to India on a DAAD scholarship to research at the NID Campus in Bangalore on the subject of Design Thinking. Some people might have read some things on the tumblr my wife and I set up back then.

As part of my research documentation I made a comic that focuses on the theme of Jugaad. Jugaad is the Indian way of life hacking. It is a very interesting subject, not least because of my love for a boy and his  mecha friend made from junk. India wasn’t exactly eat pray love for me, but very exciting and inspiring and I think I found one or two interesting things about Design Thinking, Jugaad and India. The comic is more a collection of impressions and a sketchbook than one consistent story. I would like to do more work in that direction but for now the PDF is my work in progress. Please let me know what you think and maybe share it with Indian friends and design friends. This is not a scientific research paper of course so take it with a grain of salt, eh, curry.

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onepager for luck

my attempt at telling something personal. Published in Moga Mobo Magazine May 2012.

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Comic Clash

I like to take one minute to direct your attention at the first ever Comic Clash. It’s a big competition in the german comic scene where every known knight of the ninth art in the teutonic realm picks up arms and joins one of twenty families to forge a master piece comic magazine with no lesser theme than “the meaning of life”. I sided with the old family of mogamobo and made a one pager for their mighty mighty paper. It’s an exciting, game of thrones like battle that is worth checking out and I don’t believe that anything this big has every swept the german comic landscape. On the Erlangen Comic Salon 2012 the winner of this competion will be proclaimed for this year and yes, you may have your say on who wins too. But so far, the biggest winner is the comic loving audience. If you haven’t already buy the magazines here.

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Ein Kriegsschiff

My comic short for the effort in Russia, co-produced with the Goethe Institut and the British Council. Many international comic artists (amongst them William Goldsmith, Igor Baranko, Erdil Yasaroglu) were invited and made comics on the subject of respect, xenophobia and such things. There are some scary fascist and rastic undercurrents in Russia today and this is an effort maybe to have some counter-propaganda. The comic will be printed in Russian, there is an english and russian version on the website. They have two additional pages that are supposed to help the mostly school kids audience interpret the story. It was a fun project and I am happy to have done the trip to Moskau, met many good people and drew a comic again. Scenario idea by Roland.

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battleship preview 2

Still doing this thingy. Fun but I’d rather go swimming now. Hope to be done tomorrow with all 14 pages + cover.

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I had a stroke

…and then some more.
This is the comic first rendering of my current comic project. I am supposed to draw 15 pages and this is the first finished one. I hope, my cintiq pen survives this.

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I wished there was something one could take away from this thought.

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