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Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews

I am a big fan of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews on the BBC. This weekly radio show /podcast is not really a secret as it enjoys a big international fanbase – but many of my friends don’t know about it, which is a good indicator that I should mention it here. Film Critic and horror connaisseur Kermode and host Simon Mayo are a high contrast duo that resembles an old cupple at times. Simon’s layed back attitude ballances the often heart felt and passionate review style of Kermode – the term “Kermodian Rant” being a standing idiom for his trademark litanies on films that fail to  comply to his quality standards. I respect Kermode for his passion about movies and the culture he is a part of. He will defend a film he loves just as hard as he’ll condemn a stinker. Often I can’t follow his arguments an his personal taste does not fit mine at times – but he really is a critic with all his hard, not a wannabe film maker with a grudge, and he enriches the culture a great deal for me.

Mark Kermode, Simon Mayo, Steven Fry, David Morrissey

I don’t let critics judge films for me and only look at sites like rotten tomatoes if I am really uncertain if I want to spend time on a movie. So I enjoy this show as a mean to stay informed and for pure entertaining value. Their verbal exchanges are a treat, they often have really interesting guests over and read emails from the listeners. Kermode also has his own, very entertaining videoblog called Kermode Uncut, which gives you a good impression as the BBC podcast only the features current show of the week. They also do this thing called twitter.

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